Maca Powder Supplementation to Treat Hormonal Imbalances in Women

What is Maca Root?

Maca is a Peruvian medicinal root vegetable unique to the central Andes. It is the highest cultivated crop on the planet! Maca is closely related to the radish. It is known as the food of the brain. Maca is an adaptogen, helping the brain and body respond and adapt to stress and return balance to the body’s natural endocrine function. Clinical studies of maca have shown to regulate hormonal imbalances including, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis and even menopause. It also can assist in managing stress related conditions such as fibromyalgia, auto-immunity, adrenal and thyroid issues. Maca can aid with mental health issues, mental focus and motor neuron function. Maca comes in three colors; yellow, red and black. It is most abundant in yellow. Black maca has been effective with brain function while red maca aids in reproduction and fertility. Evidence shows different colors have different medicinal properties. Maca is available as a ground up powder, tincture or supplement.

What is an Adaptogen

Herbs that aid the body in maintaining homeostasis and harmony

Some Benefits of Maca

1. Increases energy

2. Increases libido & sexual function

3. Aids in balancing hormones

4. Improves prostate function

5. Improves brain health and memory

6. Balances hormones

7. Reduces blood pressure

8. Can boost athletic performance

How Can Maca Regulate my Hormones?

Maca is able to have a regulating effect on hormonal cycles due to bioactive molecules called macamides. Macamides are enhanced through the traditional sun drying process of the maca root. Macamides act as HPA (hypothalmic pituitary adrenal cortical) regulators and can regulate and balance hormonal cycles by improving communication between the HPA axis and the female reproductive glands in the ovaries. Clinical studies have demonstrated strong and clear evidence that maca can be a natural hormone balancer to assist with treating symptoms of PMS, PCOS, Oestrogen dominance and other similar conditions. For best effects use maca as part of your daily routine.

How Do I choose my Maca Brand

When choosing a maca powder be aware that many powdered supplements can be contaminated with lead and chromium. You do have the right to ask companies for a certificate of analysis if you are concerned about this.

Not all maca is created equal. As stated above, there are different strands of maca that can be effective in regulating your cycles, increasing fertility, assisting with cognitive function or athletic performance. Make sure to find a reputable company. Do your research or contact an educated practitioner on maca for further information. As always, before starting a supplement, contact your own provider or naturopathic doctor with questions.

Brands We Love

The Maca Experts is a collaboration of two families between New Zealand and Peru bringing sustainable change to the maca and superfood industry. Seleno does an amazing job on sourcing and producing maca in an ethical and sustainable way. They are transparent and informative.


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