A Yoni What??

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

What in the world is a yoni steam?

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is an ancient practice women all over the world have incorporated into their womb wellness routine for centuries. This practice allows the warmth of an herbal steam blend to flow through the exterior of her vagina. Yoni steaming provides women with an experience to relax, refresh and reconnect with her body and womb. Steaming is typically used after postpartum, to aid with womb issues or to simply relax.

With the journey of personal transformation awakening in masses, more women are starting to come together to teach each other how to love and heal their bodies and reconnect with their spirits. Many women are now rediscovering this practice and sharing it with others. Some benefits yoni steams have been known to provide include; reducing cramps, pain and PMS symptoms. Women also have accredited steaming in the healing of hemorrhoids and assisting with healing of c-section scars and episiotomies. Spiritual women state steaming detoxifies the women and removes stagnant or toxic energy from old lovers!

Women also believe steaming can be used as a method of hormonal balancing. Relief from fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS have been reported. Reports of increased fertility are among the many believed benefits of steaming! Most importantly, this practice gives women an opportunity to reconnect with their bodies and themselves!

Although steaming appears to heal an array of symptoms, other than an article written on a women who burned her parts during the process (please test the water prior to starting your session), little research has been published on this subject. A major reason behind this would include funding. A simple and at home do it yourself method of healing would not be very profitable for large pharmaceutical companies (this is an ongoing argument in the steaming community).

Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steaming: A Foundational Study is the first vaginal steam study of its kind. Authors Garza, K., Johnson, K., Lemus, R., and Phillips, Z.B. concluded that vaginal steaming actually does have a positive effect on many aspects of postpartum recovery. The study showed an impact on lowering blood pressure, pulse, uterine restoration, initiating and expediting waist girth and weight loss, labia healing, alleviating suture discomfort, promoting bowel regularity and hemorrhoid reduction! This study even connected steaming with positively effecting breast milk supply (due to the fact that endorphins released during relaxation promote breast supply increase), preeclampsia prevention and treatment, incontinence prevention and promotion of urination. Further studies are needed, but this is a great start. Could this be the missing link in postpartum maternal care?

Some precautions from medical practitioners include burns (again, test your water), the disruption of vaginal flora (much like a hot tub would do) and allergic reaction to herbs. Please advice that you should always speak with your trusted healthcare provider. If they are unfamiliar with the practice you may want to seek a second opinion as this is not mainstream in western medicine.

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