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Trauma informed lifestyle medicine, for the culture, rooted in yoga. 



Owner & Founder  

 Through my own healing, I learned the true power of education, love and community. After completing a 200hr yoga teacher training with soul work I committed to living and studying yoga, the science of consciousness. I incorporate the yogic lifestyle into the foundation of Four 2 Five Wellness, because it’s rooted in integrity and truth seeking.  

“The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.”- Namaste, Jasmin Acevedo RN BSN 200 hr RYT


200 HR RYT

I am a registered nurse of 10 years and registered yoga teacher with Soulwork. I’ve discovered the beauty, benefits and importance of lifestyle medicine to heal your body, mind and spirit. My mission is to help others heal themselves from the inside out. 

In my yoga classes I meet you where you are by incorporating the four pillars of health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) into your daily movement practice.


Anadelia Osorio

Creative Director, Assistant

Anadelia is a Providence Native, creative, cannabis advocate and wellness enthusiast. During her self discovery journey, Anadelia discovered her passion for integrating art into the wellness industry. She also serves as Executive Assistant at Four 2 Five, co-creating wellness campaigns, making connections with the community and supporting the collective.

" Life is supposed to be a pleasurable experience."-Lauren Hill


Natasha Luigui

Lifestyle Photographer

My photography journey started as a mom, capturing my children's milestones and all those motherhood. After losing my grandfathers, I realized my passion for photography was beyond motherhood. My intention is to photograph people in their rawest, most authentic form. Through the art of photography I am able to capture these moments! 

When you attend any of our workshops/ events/ book a session with me, my goal is to capture the REAL you. 

"Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you cant feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures." - Don McCullin

Providing a Safe Space to heal and BE Well.

 Founded in 2019, by Jasmin Acevedo, RN BSN, Four 2 Five Wellness was created to provide healing and empowerment to our urban community. We incorporate a trauma sensitive process that includes a combination of lifestyle medicine and wellness education with yogic philosophy as the foundation, to guide you on your lifestyle journey.


"Our collective life experience in the urban community is so intense that it’s a disservice not to provide a safe space to heal and be well".- unknown



Located in the art district of East Providence, Rhode Island - Four 2 Five Wellness is a space for conscious generational healing. This beautiful sunlit studio offers daily yoga classes, continuing education trainings and pop up workshops. 

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