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Class Packs and Memberships

Unlimited Memberships​ (Effective 9/1/23)

  • Unlimited Scheduled Classes

  • Welcome Box

  • Inhouse mat storage

  • Free mat rental

  • 10% off Four 2 Five Merch

  • Bring one friend free each month

  • 50% off Infrared Sauna

  • 20% off of Four 2 Five sponsored workshops


$120/month (3 month contract)

$99/month   (3 month contract: students)

Class Pricing

  • Intro: $30 for two weeks unlimited

  • Drop in: $20

  • 5 class pack: $90

  • 10 class pack: $165

  • 20 class pack: $300

Student Pricing

  • Intro: $30 for 30 days unlimited

  • Drop in: $18

  • 5 class pack: 85

  • 10 class pack: $160

  • 20 class pack: $280

Private and Small Group Sessions

  • 1 Hour private $150/hour

  • Small group: Starts at $150/hour

 Corporate Wellness?

Email us:

Cancellation Policy

All classes and trainings are non-refundable once booked. 

Providing a Safe Space to heal and BE Well.

Founded in 2019, by Jasmin Acevedo, RN BSN, Four 2 Five Wellness was created to provide healing and empowerment to our community. Four 2 Five incorporates a unique root-cause method into holistic health for people. We use a trauma sensitive process that includes a combination of lifestyle medicine and wellness education with yogic philosophy as the foundation, to help people come home to themselves.


"Our collective life experience in the urban community is so intense that it’s a disservice not to provide a safe space to heal and be well".- unknown



Located in the art district of East Providence, Rhode Island - Four 2 Five Wellness is a space for conscious generational healing. This beautiful sunlit studio offers pop up mindful lifestyle and self love workshops, yoga classes, and a one of a kind womb wellness education course. It is also a space where other creatives and healers gather with their own communities. 

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